Bottom loading furnace up to 1900ºC – HOB33

High temperature bottom loading furnaces up to 1650, 1800 and 1900ºC to work under air, reduced atmosphere or vacuum

Bottom loading furnace electrically liftable furnace stand, with volumes of 3.5, 6, 12 and 21 litres and maximum temperatures up to 1650ºC, 1800ºC and 1900ºC heated by Kanthal Super 1800 and 1900.

The electrically operated elevator hearth ensures operator safety and prevents radiation of heat from the chamber walls. The loading platform has a full travel which allows the complete chamber height to be used.Outstanding temperature uniformity due to all-around the furnace chamber heating


  • Temperatures: 1650ºC, 1800ºC and 1900ºC
  • Heating elements Kanthal Super 1800 and 1900
  • Volumes from 3.5, 6, 12 and 21 litres
  • Base electrically liftable base
  • Ramp programmer
  • Class II safety (overtemperature alarm)
  • Easy and safe loading
  • Efit / Epack Eurother thyristor equipment
  • Safety switch
  • Safety contactor
  • Heating pilot
  • Thermocouples type B
  • Homogeneity +/-5ºC – Stability +/-1ºC
  • Furnace disconnection in case of thermocouple breakage


  • Eurotherm EPC 3016 programmer (10 programs – 25 segments) + itools logging software (allows curve downloads in Excel format) via Ethernet
  • Nanodac programmer according to AMS2750E and 21CFR11 standards


  • Vacuum and controlled atmosphere system
  • Gas-tight retort with gas injection throught the furnace (Useful chamber 220x220mm)
  • Alumina 99,7% retort for protection of the heating elements and to avoid the contamination during the Controlled atmosphere and vacuum process.
  • Refractory steel rings refrigerated by water and silicon joints included
  • Gas inlet and outlet + Vacuum entry KF25/16
  • Max. Vacuum x10-2 or x10-5Mbar

Vacuum equipment 1 Mbar, x10-2Mbar and x10-5Mbar (Leybold).
Gas supply systems
Oxygen sensors
Dew point meters