Muffle furnaces up to 1300ºc

MF Series

Muffle furnace up to 1300ºC,  vertical lift door

PR Series

Muffle furnace up to 1300ºC,  pantograph side door

HD Series

Muffle furnace up to 1200ºC, drop down door or side door (Economic series)

GB Series ( NEW )

HOBERSAL GB SERIES muffle furnace

Muffle furnace, side door, 1200ºC (Economic series)



HCV Series

Indutrial muffle furnace up to 1300ºC , side door / vertical lift door

JB Series

Muffle furnace, side door, 1100ºC (Economic series)

HCV AC Series

HCV AC Series air forced circulation industrial furnace AMS2750e Hobersal


Air Forced Circulation Industrial Furnace


XB Series

Muffle furnace up to 1260ºC, side door (Economic series)

Muffle furnaces with protective gas box
for heat treatment




Muffle furnaces + Annealing boxes for heat treatment


HK Series

Muffle furnace up tp 1000ºC,  drop down door (Economic series)

Cupellation Furnaces

Cupellation furnaces up t0 1600ºC