PR V Vacuum Chamber Furnace

Vacuum chamber / muffle furnace  Hobersal PR-V series

Vacuum, inert and combustion atmospheres

HOBERSAL Furnaces For Metal and Ceramic 3d Printing Processes and Additive Manufacturing

Ceramic and metal Sintering, Annealing, debinding, fusing, curing

Works under vacuum and controlled atmosphere to ensure the sintered part is not contaminated by oxygen

3D Additive manufacturing

  • Metals sintering: Debinding, sintering, stress-relieving, solution annealing and hardening
  • Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Sand sintering: Debinding, sintering, drying and curing
  • Plastics sintering: Curing, tempering, drying
  • Temperatures 1.150 ºC
  • Inner volume:

– Ø 200 x 300 prof.

– Ø 300 x 400 prof.

– Ø 350 x 400 prof.

– Ø 400 x 500 prof.

– Ø 500 x 500 prof.

– Custom designs

EV-7 Automatic Programmable & Controlled Atmosphere/Vacuum System


  1. Electronic-valve equipment to control gas atmosphere or/and vacuum.
  2. Eurotherm programmable controller equipment (10 programs/25 segments) with alarm (Over-heating Protection)
  3. Eurotherm programmable controller EPC Series and data logger software

This system enables complete automatic electronic programming and controlling of the furnace chamber’s atmosphere, with automatic gas introduction, replacement and/or extraction.

Technical Details

  • Pantograph side door
  • Incoloy chamber and door
  • Hermetic seal refrigerated by water
  • Let work 24/7 in continuous mode
  • 4 heating plates with Kanthal AF
  • Low thermal mass insulation
  • Built with low density ceramic bricks and ceramic fiber
  • Double isolation chamber
  • Outside casing in metal sheet painted ( inox as optional)
  • Incoloy tray included
  • Thermocouple type K
  • Compact and lightweight furnace
  • Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user
  • Furnace control:
    • Under / Side the furnace
    • Solid state relay
    • PAD Digital control. Microprocessor. Alarm.
    • Furnace disconnection by thermocouple break
  • Manufactured under the CE
  • Accessories
    • Vacuum pump 10 ̄ ² and 10 ̄ ³
    • O2 Sensor + controller (ppm)
    • Refractory steel tray
    • Smoke chimney
    • Water cooling equipment
    • Forced smoke chimney
    • Security class II. Over-temperature protection
    • Hydrogen burner
    • Inlet gas entry
    • Flow meter box
  • Optional regulation
    • 1 program 8 steps (Programmer)
    • 4 program 15 steps (Programmer)
    • Data logger and programmer communication by Ethernet/ RS232
    • Eurotherm Progammers (Nanodac – EPC2404)

Standards: Ceramic and metal sintering process under vacuum or controlled atmosphere

Sintering vacuum furnaces for your 3D metal and ceramic printing applications.