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Hobersal furnaces - Heating applications

Difference between muffle furnace and tube furnace

(a) Muffle  furnace


Bigger capacities

Easy load

Max. temperature 1950ºC

Best uniform temperature

Side door, drop down door, vertical lift door

Oxidant atmosphere, inert atmosphere, controlled atmosphere, vacuum atmosphere

Furnace control can be: analogical, digital, programmer or control by PC

Custom designs under request


(B) Tube furnace


Works inside the tube furnace

Let work in a small dimension

Let thermal shock moving the pieces inside the tube

Max. temperature 1950ºC

Easy to work in vacuum and controlled atmosphere with end seals and vacuum pump

Many heating zones to get better uniformity inside the tube

Tube furnace can be:

_ Horizontal and split / non split

_ Vertical and split / non split

Custom designs under request

Maximum temperature and working temperature

a) Ovens form 250ºC to 500ºC

b) Furnaces from 100ºC to 1950ºC

c) Working temperature should be 100ºC less than maximum temperature

d) Different types of heating elements Kanthal wire, SiC and MoSi2

Inner dimensions

Forns Hobersal offers a wide range of dimensions from 1 dm3 to 5.000 dm3

Which kind of furnace I need?

We recommend contact with Hobersal or our distributors to offer the best option you need for each process, application, inert or oxidant atmospheres ( gases, vapors, humidity…) vacuum, heat treatments…