Furnaces and ovens for specific applications

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Furnaces and ovens for specific applications


Tilting crucible furnace up to 1400ºC

Vacuum furnaces 

Suitable for titanium (Ti) Sintering under vacuum and modified atmosphere

Cupellation furnaces 

Cupellation furnaces for gold assays and acid attacks

Salt bath furnaces

Salt-Bath Furnaces for steel Heat Treatment up to 1000ºC


Muffle Furnace with Scale and Software for Determination of Combustion Loss (Loss of ignition)

Thermogravimetric analysys (TGA)

Furnace with post combustion chamber 

Furnaces with post combustion chamber for the elimination of polluting, suitable for pyrolysis, ashing and incineration

Fast cooling furnaces 

Fast cooling furnaces, improving the cooling rates

Crucible furnace

MELTING FURNACES industrial gas fired crucible furnace up to 1400ºC (Non-ferrous)

Fire assay furnaces

Fire assay furnaces According to DIN EN 1993-1-2


Crucible furnace up to 1200ºC

Crucible Furnace

Crucible furnace for vacuum

Ind Crucible Furnace

industrial crucible furnace