HB Series – Tilting

Heat treatment, quenching and annealing furnace under a modified atmosphere up to 1150ºC (Tilting – Fast cooling)


Tilting Quenching Furnace with Modified Atmosphere Capability

The tilting quenching furnace is engineered to operate under a modified atmosphere, providing superior quenching performance. The innovative tilting mechanism facilitates the transfer of workpieces into the quenching medium efficiently, ensuring rapid and uniform hardening.

Technical Features and Benefits:

  1. Modified Atmosphere Capability:

    • The furnace is designed to function within a controlled atmosphere, which can be adjusted using inert gases such as nitrogen or argon. This capability minimizes oxidation and decarburization, ensuring the surface quality of the components is maintained throughout the quenching process.
    • The ability to work in a modified atmosphere is particularly beneficial for processes like carburizing, nitriding, and other surface hardening techniques that require precise control over the atmospheric conditions.
  2. Tilting Mechanism:

    • The furnace is equipped with a robust tilting system that allows for the seamless transfer of workpieces into the quenching tank. This mechanism ensures that the parts are quickly and smoothly immersed into the quenching medium, significantly reducing the exposure to oxygen.
    • The tilting action provides a consistent and rapid quenching process, which is essential for achieving the desired mechanical properties, such as increased hardness and improved wear resistance.
  3. Rapid Hardening:

    • The quick transfer facilitated by the tilting mechanism leads to an accelerated cooling rate, which is critical for the formation of martensitic structures in steel and other alloys. This rapid cooling is vital for achieving high hardness levels and other targeted mechanical properties.
    • The design ensures minimal thermal gradients within the workpieces, reducing the risk of distortion and residual stresses, which are common issues in conventional quenching processes.


The tilting quenching furnace is ideal for industries that require precise thermal processing and high-performance materials, including aerospace, automotive, and tool manufacturing. It is especially useful for treating components that need uniform hardness and minimal distortion, such as gears, shafts, and intricate tool parts.


The tilting quenching furnace, with its ability to operate under a modified atmosphere and its innovative tilting mechanism, offers an advanced solution for rapid and uniform hardening of metal components. The combination of controlled atmosphere and efficient quenching ensures superior surface quality and mechanical properties, making it an essential tool for high-precision thermal processing in various demanding industrial applications.