Economical muffle furnace up to 1.000ºC, drop down door

Economy laboratory muffle, table-top design with a convincing price/performance ratio and maximum temperatures of 1000°C with 1 heated side and drop down opening.

Standard equipment

  • Volume: 8 litres
  • Maximum temperature 1000ºC
  • Ramp programmer up to 64 steps
  • 1 heated side
  • Drop down opening
  • Solid state relays provide for low noise operation
  • Thermocouples K (1000ºC)
  • Homogeneity +/-5ºC – Stability +/-1ºC
  • Furnace shutdown in case of thermocouple breakage
  • Chimney at the rear of the furnace
  • Ventilation at the rear of the furnace focused on the electrical elements
  • Furnace control at the bottom of the furnace

Additional equipment:


  • Eurotherm EPC 3016 programmer (10 programs – 25 segments) + itools logging software (allows curve downloads in Excel format) via Ethernet
  • Nanodac programmer according to AMS2750E and 21CFR11 standards


  • Smoke extractor chimney
  • Forced smoke extractor chimney
  • Controlled cooling by fresh air turbine and exhaust flap
  • Inert gas for manual or automatic gas supply system
  • Ceramic or metal rack for loading ceramic or steel trays
  • Port for thermocouple
  • Observation windows
  • Over temperature alarms (OTP Over temperature protection)
  • Inox construction
  • Nitriding boxes with salts and/or gas
  • Ceramic trays, refractory steel plates, steel collection pan