Bottom loading furnace up to 1900 ºC HOB Series

Bottom loading furnace up to 1900ºC HOB SERIES

_ Oxidant atmosphere

_ Controlled atmosphere and /or vacuum with hermetic seal reafrigerated by water

  • Temperatures 1.600 ºC -1.800 ºC -1.900 ºC (MoSi2 SuperKanthal)
  • Electric Bottom loading system
  • Inner sizes under request ( Custom furnace available)
  • Ramp programmer up to 64 steps
  • Let work 24/7 in continuous mode
  • MoSi2 Kanthal Super 1800 and 1900  High quality molybdenum disilicide heating elements
  • Fast heat
  • Refrigerated by water
  • Inox chamber.
  • Low thermal mass insulation
  • Built with low density and ceramic fiber
  • Double isolation chamber + air chamber
  • Outside casing in metal sheet painted ( inox as optional)
  • Thermocouple type S or B
  • Compact and lightweight furnace
  • Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user
  • Furnace control:
    • Left Side
    • PAD Digital control. Microprocessor. Alarm.
    • Power adjustment:Eurotherm tyristor equipment
    • General safety switch
    • General safety contactor
  • Safety Shut-off
    • Thermocouple break shut-off
  • Manufactured under the CE
  • Accessories
    • Security class II. Over-temperature protection (OTP)
    • Inverted Alumina Crucible
    • Inlet gas entry
    • Flow meter box (Gas supply systems)
  • Control system
    • Ramp programmer up to 64 steps
    • Eurotherm EPC Series  + Data logger Itools sofware by Ethernet (Optional)
    • Eurotherm Nanodac Series  +Data logger and Itools sofware by Ethernet according AMS2750E and 21CFR Part 11 (Optional)
  • The furnace can be adapted to accommodate an inert atmosphere, by placing a large inverted alumina crucible and hermetic (A-304)Refrigerated by waterGas inlet and outlet connections
  • The electrically operated elevator hearth ensures operator safety and prevents radiation of heat from the chamber walls.The loading platform has a full travel which allows the complete chamber height to be used.Outstanding temperature uniformity due to all-around the furnace chamber heating

Standards: Ceramic and metal sintering process

Sintering  furnaces for your 3D metal and ceramic printing applications.

Technical ceramics, sintering, debinding, bioceramics process, sintering of zirconia dental crowns and frameworks, thermal shock…

Technical details