Hobersal 15PR550V (Vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace)

Hobersal, furnaces and ovens manufacturers from Barcelona, Spain since 1946 (75th anniversary)

  • From 30ºC to 2000ºC and volumes from 1L to 2.500Litres

We are glad to show our vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace model Hobersal 15PR550V  for metal and ceramic sintering, 3D Printings…

HOBERSAL Furnaces For Metal and Ceramic 3d Printing Processes and Additive Manufacturing

Ceramic and metal Sintering, Annealing, debinding, fusing, curing

Works under vacuum and controlled atmosphere to ensure the sintered part is not contaminated by oxygen

Technical details

  • Max. Temperature 1150ºC
  • Inner volume: Ø300mm x 400mm
  • Inconel refractory chamber and door
  • Hermetic seal refrigerated by water
  • Vacuum pump from Oerlikon ( 5×10-3)
  • Controlled by Eurotherm EPC series + itools Software
  • Sturdy design
  • O2 sensor + controller
  • Over heating protection (Security class II)
  • Double chamber insulation
  • 4 heated zones
  • Cooling system available

Vacuum furnaces applications:

  • Ceramic and metal sintering
  • annealing
  • brazing
  • tempering
  • degassing
  • drying
  • soldering
  • quenching
  • hardening
  • Other industrial process

PR V Vacuum Chamber Furnace

Hobersal vacuum furnace15PR550V