Hobersal Control Center (HCC)

PC-based control involves using personal computers to manage and automate industrial processes. This technology leverages software designed for process visualization, which provides a graphical interface for monitoring and interacting with the process in real-time. Additionally, it includes process documentation software that records and maintains detailed logs of the process activities, ensuring thorough documentation and compliance with industry standards. This integrated approach enhances efficiency, accuracy, and traceability in industrial operations.

Hobersal Control Center (HCC)

The Hobersal Control Centre offers a PC based control system as an ideal extension to control vacuum, modified atmosphere, MFC’s as well as data logging via USB and real time monitoring. Efficient and intuitive system, meeting the highest demands as in automotive, aviation, sintering sectors



Centralised overview

Real time viewing

Ramp, vacuum and MFC’s programmer

Access management with 2 user levels


  • Central user interface with modern design
  • Centralised overview and operation
  • Convenient program management with 10 programmes of 25 segments
  • Simple and intuitive operation of the PC user interface
  • Access management with 2 user levels and as many users as required
  • Heating and cooling ramp control
  • 3 independent zones
  • Vacuum mbar and overpressure visualization
  • Control of MFC’s in L/min and visualization
  • Possibility to specify start times for pre-planning of heat treatment cycles
  • Real-time visualisation of current furnace operation
  • Data download
  • Report function for process evaluation as PDF or printout