Hobersal – Furnaces and ovens applications / Divisions

Hobersal  it is a family company from Barcelona, Spain  since 1946 with more than 70 years in the market offereing the best heating solutions around the world.

Furnaces and ovens manufacturers since 1946

Hobersal support and protect each distributor around the world, before, during and after sales.

It will be a pleasure start our cooperation this year, I’m sure we can have a good business and friendly relationship.

What we offer:

_ Good prices and good discounts, always offering the best European Quality and raw materials, like heating elements from Kanthal (Sweden) and Ceramic fiber and bricks from Rath and M.E. Schupp (Germany)

_ All of our equipments are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain under the CE

_ 2 years Warranty

_Modular design: Easy to replace all the spare parts

_70 years of experience

_After sales service immediately

_ Wide range of products. ( Furnaces to work in continuous «Hard Works» and economic furnaces

_ Customs designs

 Furnaces and ovens Hobersal Divisions / Applications:

_ Laboratory

_ Industry

_ Research

_ Aerospace

_ Automotive

_ Ceramic and metal sintering (3D printings)

_ Dental

_ Heat Treatment


_ Arts & Crafts

_ Incinerators

Divisions / applications

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Divisions / applications
Metal and Ceramic Sintering and Debinding Furnace Hobersal CRN Series
Hobersal CRN Series Industrial chamber furnace (High Temperature)
Metal and Ceramic Sintering and Debinding Furnace Hobersal JM Series
JM Series High temperature chamber furnace by Hobersal
ST16150100 Hobersal high temperature Horizontal tube furnace
High temperature tube furnace + Turbopump Hobersal
15PR500V Vacuum anc controlled atmosphere chamber furnace
Vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace PR-V Series Hobersal