Hobersal furnaces for ashing, calcination and and annealing (MF series)

Hobersal muffle furnaces are suitable for the ashing process, thanks to their homogeneity and their 4 heating sides they incinerate combustible samples for the final analysis of the residues of the extracted ashes.
Another very important process is calcination, a heat treatment process which by means of high temperature achieves the thermal decomposition of solid materials.
Annealing, another type of heat treatment which consists of the physical alteration of metals to modify their hardness, malleability or ductility.
These 3 processes can be carried out in an oxidising atmosphere (air) or in a modified and/or reduced atmosphere.

Hobersal manufactures standard and customised ovens with the best quality, performance and after-sales service, a brand with a reliability of more than 75 years in the market.

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Hobersal is a family-owned manufacturer of furnaces and ovens for laboratory and industry since 1946 in Barcelona, Spain.
From 1 litre to 12.000 litres and temperatures from 30ºC to 2.200ºC with standard and 100% customized.
Our engineering department in combination with in-house manufacturing provide for custom and standard furnaces 100% tailored to the customer’s needs
Hobersal is represented in more than 60 countries all over the world, with the best technical advice, after-sales service and best quality and raw materials offering the best results

Hobersal MF9-134