Hobersal (High Temperature chamber furnace-CRN series)

Hobersal has manufactured a high temperature muffle furnace model CRN7X/18 to Aluminium, Copper and Iron process scrap for an international company recognized around the world (Custom design)

Technical Specifications.

_ Inner dimensions: (HxWxD) 550x550x550mm (166 litres)

_ Max. Temperature 1800ºC

_ MoSi 2 heating elements (Super Kanthal 1800)

_ Forced smoke extraction chimney.

_ Eurotherm EPC3016 series (Ramp Programmer + software Itools) 10 Progs / 25 steps, via Ethernet (Curves downloadable in CSV-Excel)

_ Gas inlet on rear, to work under controlled atmosphere to avoid the oxidation during the process.

_ Automatic flow meter box (3 Gases Ar, N2 and N2+H2) Gas supply system

_ Cooling system by N2 or Air (Heating scuttle + forced air fan when we are cooling)

_ Over temperature protection (OTP)+ additional thermocouple

_ Round and square saggars + lids (High Alumina 99.7%)

_ Complete set of spare parts

Hobersal has offered the client a turnkey project, supplying in addition to the furnace, all the appropriate peripherals to be able to maximize its use, mounted on a support mobile foot, easy to move, gas inlet on rear to work under controlled atmosphere to avoid oxidation inside the furnace.

Prior to the construction of the industrial equipment, a set of tests were carried out in the Test Centre located in the Hobersal facilities.

In the complete report that was issued to the client with the information on the process, the operating parameters and the test results, it was possible to validate that the CRN7X/18 high temperature chamber furnace was the ideal equipment for their interests.

Used for advanced ceramic, melting, sintering, ceramic sintering (3D additive), melting

Hobersal Applications:

_ Laboratory

_ Industry

_ Aerospace

_ Research

_ Automotive

_ Advanced Ceramic

_ Metal and Ceramic sintering (3D Solutions – 3D Prints)

What we offer:

  • Technical service
  • Calibration certificates
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Technical support
  • 75 years of experience
  • Custom designs
  • Manufactured in Barcelona
  • 2 Years warranty