Hobersal (Split Tube Furnaces ST100SP – Laboratory)

Tube furnaces from Hobersal ST100SP (Split-type Series)

We have a wide range of horizontal and split tube furnaces

Temperatures up to 1300ºC (NiCr Kanthal wire)

Diameters from Ø20mm to Ø255mm and heating lengths from 100mm to 3.000mm

Split tube furnaces let change and replace the working tubes very easy.

Hobersal tube furnaces let work under controlled atmosphere and/or vacuum. Our vacuum flanges (End-seals) let high vacuum (x10-5)

If you need work under controlled atmosphere, we offer different (Gas supply systems) Automatic and manual, but always with high precision.

The vacuum system is equipped by Leybold pump and accessories, Leybold is a recognized pump manufacturer around the world offering the best results and quality.

If you need better homogeneity, we can customize 1,2 or 3 independent heated zones.

The control box can be under the furnace or an independent control box

All the Hobersal  ST furnaces are equipped with ramp programmers up to 64 steps

If you need register all the process, we can install Eurotherm EPC series (Ramp programmer) that thanks the Itools software let set the program very easy and register the ramp programmed and the real ramp (in real time) and download the process in .CSV format ready to use with Excel

Our modular design let replace all the spare parts by the end user,

This way, we avoid loss of money in transportation to Hobersal and loss of time, nowadays to have availability of work 365 days a year is very important for Hobersal, facilitate the work to our users, is one of our main priorities, as well as offering the best technical service, after sales and quality.


Where and which process?

_ Scientific laboratories

_ Industry

_ Research centres

_ Educational institutions

_ Sterilize biohazard waste.

_ Dissecting instruments or media/reagents for aseptic assays 

_ Testing environmental stresses.

_ Medicine / Pharmaceutical

_ Cement

_ Polymers (Plastic industry)

_ Petrochemical

_ Food analysis

_ Melting

_ Baking

_ Evaporating,

_ General laboratory purpose


Other Applications:

_ Laboratory

_ Industry

_ Research

_ Aerospace

_ Automotive

_ Ceramic and metal sintering (3D printings)

_ Dental

_ Heat Treatment


_ Arts & Crafts

_ Incinerators


Hobersal offers 2 years warranty, after sales service immediately, more than 70 years of furnaces and ovens technology, modular design (Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user)

ST Series ( split and horizontal tube furnace) up to 1100ºC

Hobersal Split tube furnace ST100