Hobersal tube furnaces

What is a tube furnace?

A tube furnace is an equipment for laboratory and/or industrial use with the function of heating with precision and homogeneity. Tube furnaces work with a tube placed horizontally and/or vertically where we place the samples to be treated, the heating elements are located around the tube to offer a great homogeneity and its most common applications are sintering and any type of heat treatment.

Performance of a tube furnace

A tube furnace is ideal for the treatment of small samples, if the tube is fitted with hermetically sealed caps, we can work in a modified atmosphere such as argon, nitrogen, hydrogen and vacuum or high vacuum, ideal for working in non-oxidizing atmospheres. A great advantage over conventional muffle furnace is that we can carry out thermal treatments free of oxidation.

Types of tube furnaces

There are many types of furnaces and customizations available at Hobersal

– Universal tube furnaces

– Open horizontal tube furnaces

– Open and closed vertical tube furnaces

– Furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1100ºC, 1300ºC, 1400ºC, 1600ºC, 1800ºC and 1900ºC

– Furnaces with multiple zones up to 10

– Gradient furnaces

– Rotary furnaces

– Tubular ovens with 360º orientation

– Any furnace required by the customer

Suitable applications in tube furnaces

– Metal and ceramic sintering

– Brazing

– Hardening and annealing

– Degassing

– Sublimation

– Drying

– Welding

– Ageing

Dimensions of tube furnaces

– Calcination

– From 10mm diameter up to 450mm

– Heating zones from 10cm up to 2500cm

– Customizations on request

Why choose Hobersal furnaces?

Hobersal is a family-owned manufacturer of furnaces and ovens for laboratory and industry since 1946 in Barcelona, Spain.

From 1 litre to 12.000 litres and temperatures from 30ºC to 2.200ºC both standard and 100% custom.

Our engineering department in combination with our own manufacturing provides standard and custom furnaces 100% adapted to the customer’s needs.

Hobersal is represented in more than 60 countries all over the world, with the best technical advice, after-sales service and the best quality and raw materials offering the best results.

In addition to a long experience Hobersal has technical advice before, during and after the sale thanks to its extensive experience and very professional technicians at the service of our customers.

All our ovens are modularly built, i.e. they are very easy to repair by the customer himself without the need to be brought to Hobersal.

Equipment for tube furnaces

– Quartz, steel, alumina and high alumina work tubes

– Sealing plugs for vacuum and atmospheric work with precision.

– Ceramic plugs with gas inlet and gas outlet

– Manual or automatic gas supply systems

– 1Mbar, x10-2Mbar and x10-5Mbar vacuum systems.

– Heat sinks.

– Sample racks

– Crucibles, crucible tongs, gloves…

Tube furnaces