Industrial furnaces up to 1400ºC for continuous operation at high temperatures for heat treatment 

The HCV range of chamber furnaces are very sturdy, high quality industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of small and large parts in oxidizing atmosphere (air) or controlled atmosphere.


  • Furnaces made of high quality bricks and ceramic fibres with air chamber.
  • Heating elements on freely radiating support tubes in the furnace chamber allow particularly short heating times and a maximum temperature of 1400 °C with 5 heating zones for high homogeneity.
  • HCV furnaces comply with the highest market requirements and standards Aerospace standard AMS2750E
  • Perfect brick-to-brick sealing, pantographic side openings, as options vertical pneumatic door openings
  • Furnace control on the side of the furnace to avoid problems with loading and unloading of workpieces.


  • Eurotherm EPC 3016 programmer (10 programs – 25 segments) + itools logging software (allows curve downloads in Excel format) via Ethernet
  • Nanodac programmer according to AMS2750E and 21CFR11 standards


  • Smoke extractor chimney
  • Forced smoke extractor chimney
  • Controlled cooling by fresh air turbine and exhaust flap
  • Inert gas for manual or automatic gas supply system
  • Ceramic or metal rack for loading ceramic or steel trays
  • Port for thermocouple
  • Observation windows
  • Over temperature alarms (OTP Over temperature protection)
  • Inox construction
  • Ceramic trays, refractory steel plates, steel collection pan
  • Pneumatic lift door
  • Charging kits