Muffle furnaces with protective gas box for heat treatment

HCV- AC Series

Muffle furnaces with protective gas supply box for heat treatment

Heat treatment / Thermal Process / Aerospace / Automotive

Nitriding, Brazing, annealing, carburising

  • Temperatures up to 1.100 ºC with retort
  • Volumes: from 3L to 1000 litres

The Hobersal furnaces + Annealing box can be used for various heat-treating processes requiring a controlled inert or reactive
atmosphere, e.g. to prevent oxidation or to enhance surface hardness. The annealing box by Hobersal which
incorporates a fiber seal, can achieve lower oxygen levels manufactured in either NiCr alloy (Inconel) with a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C
The annealing box has a gas inlet and gas outlet
The annealing box with removable lid locates into a fiber seal on top of a deep base. Can be used for annealing and pack carburising. Front mounted gas inlet/outlet connections extend through slots in the furnace door and front. The retort and furnace must be ordered together as the furnace is modified to allow it to be used with, and without, the retort.
In addition, if we include a «gas supply system» we can control the gas flow thanks to the installed flow meters.
This makes the work reliable, safe and optimal for the treatment.


Technical details