Chamber Furnace (PR industrial series up to 1400ºC)

Sturdy and Semi Industrial chamber Furnace PR series

Muffle Furnace

High quality muffle furnace PR series

  • Temperatures 1.000 ºC – 1.200 ºC -1.300 – 1400ºC ºC
  • Pantograph side door
  • Let work 24/7 in continuous mode
  • 4 heating plates with Kanthal AF
  • Low thermal mass insulation
  • Built with low density ceramic bricks and ceramic fiber
  • Double isolation chamber
  • Outside casing in metal sheet painted ( inox as optional)
  • Ventilated via rear by ceramic chimney
  • Ceramic tray included
  • Thermocouple type K or S
  • Compact and lightweight furnace
  • Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user
  • Furnace control:
    • Under the furnace
    • Solid state relay
    • PAD Digital control. Microprocessor. Alarm.
  • Safety Shut-off
    • Thermocouple break shut-off
  • Manufactured under the CE
  • Accessories
    • Ceramic tray
    • Refractory steel tray
    • Smoke chimney
    • Forced smoke chimney
    • Security class II. Over-temperature protection (OTP)
    • Inlet gas entry
    • Flow meter box
    • Annealing box for nitriding
    • SiC Chamber for cupellation and gold assay
  • Control System
    • Ramp programmer up to 64 steps
    • Eurotherm EPC Series  + Data logger Itools sofware by Ethernet (Optional)
    • Eurotherm Nanodac Series  +Data logger and Itools sofware by Ethernet according AMS2750E and 21CFR Part 11 (Optional)


EN 196-2, 196-21, 459-2 Standards and is used to determine the loss on ignition of cement and lime; chloride, carbon dioxide, alkali content of cement.

Technical description

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