Furnaces and ovens 

Hobersal is a leader in the manufacture and export of muffle and tubular furnaces for laboratories worldwide. Our range offers temperatures from 1000ºC to 1900ºC, guaranteeing precise results in various research processes.

Manufactured with high-resistance materials and subjected to rigorous quality controls, our ovens ensure optimal performance and durability. Innovation and technology are at the core of our brand, continually working on advanced solutions to meet the demands of the industry.


Vacuum furnace PR-V

Retort furnaces to work under vacuum and modified atmosphere up to 1150ºC for sintering applications


CRN Series


Muffle furnace up to 1900ºC, pantograph side door (SiC and MoSi2) Large series 


EHT Series

High temperature ovens  up to 500ºC from 13 litres to 1000 litres


HD Series

Muffle furnace up to 1200ºC, drop down door and side door


JM Series

Muffle furnace up to 1600ºC, vertical lift door (SiC heating elements)

HOB Series

Bottom loading furnace up to 1900ºC under air, modified atmosphere and vacuum

MF Series

Muffle furnace up to 1400ºC, vertical lift door, 4 heated sides

PR Series

Muffle furnace up to 1400ºC, pantograph side door

CRN Side control

High temperature muffle furnace up to 1900ºC – Side control heated by MoSi2

Ovens and Furnaces for the Dental Sector

In the dental sector, precise and reliable equipment is essential for various processes such as the sintering of ceramics, calcination, and other high-temperature treatments. Dental laboratories rely on specialized ovens and furnaces to achieve these tasks with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Types of Ovens and Furnaces

  1. Ceramic Sintering Furnaces: These furnaces are specifically designed for sintering dental ceramics. They ensure uniform temperature distribution and precise control to achieve optimal results in the production of dental restorations such as crowns and bridges.

  2. Calcination Furnaces: Calcination furnaces are used to remove impurities and moisture from dental materials through controlled heating. This process is crucial for preparing materials like dental plaster and phosphate-bonded investments.

  3. Preheating Ovens: These ovens are used to preheat materials before further processing, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the risk of thermal shock.

  4. Press Furnaces: Press furnaces are used for pressing dental ceramics. They combine high temperatures and pressure to form durable and precise dental restorations.

Hobersal Ovens

Hobersal is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality ovens and furnaces, offering a range of products tailored to the needs of the dental industry. Their ovens are known for their reliability, precision, and advanced technological features.

  • Precision and Control: Hobersal ovens come equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise temperature regulation, ensuring consistent and reliable results. This is particularly important in dental applications where even slight variations can impact the quality of the final product.

  • Uniform Temperature Distribution: Hobersal designs its ovens to provide uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber. This uniformity is crucial for processes like ceramic sintering, where even heat application is necessary to avoid defects.

  • Energy Efficiency: Hobersal ovens are designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing operational costs while maintaining high performance. This makes them an economical choice for dental laboratories.

  • Durability and Quality: Built with high-quality materials and components, Hobersal ovens are durable and reliable, ensuring long-term performance and minimal downtime.

In conclusion, ovens and furnaces play a critical role in the dental sector, enabling the precise processing of materials required for high-quality dental restorations. Hobersal stands out as a leading provider of these essential tools, offering advanced, reliable, and efficient solutions for dental laboratories worldwide.