Vacuum and controlled atmopshere furnace 15PR550V Customized

Hobersal has manufactured a vacuum and inert gas retort furnace Hobersal 15PR550V Custom up to 1150ºC with hermetic seal to work under controlled atmosphere and vacuum (Heat treatment furnace)

Location: United Kingdom – Liverpool

Hobersal has offered the client a turnkey project, supplying in addition to the furnace, all the appropriate peripherals to be able to maximize its use, controlled by Eurotherm EPC3004, It allows to work by people or via Modbus.

Our customer requested that 90% of the furnace use would be done by a robot 24 hours a day.

Through software the robot can open and close the door, control the temperature and introduce gases during sintering.

Moreover the robot knows the state of the door fully open or fully closed and gas status.

The furnace is equipped with safety systems like:

_ The door does not open if the temperature is above 200ºC.

_ The furnace does not heat up if the door is open.

_ The gas injection is cut off if the door is open.

_ Over-temperature alarm

_ When the furnace is manually operated, the door is opened and closed by means of a 2 hands controller.

_ 2 emergency stops

The furnace opening is with 2 electropneumatic actuators that offer a perfect seal. Water-cooled hermetic sealing (furnace door and front frame) Double cooling.

Hobersal has also installed the EV-7 system, a set of vacuum solenoid valves, software design and assembly, the vacuum muffle furnaces allow to make vacuum, introduce several gases, aerate and repeat the process in the same program.

Once again, Hobersal would not be possible without the reliability of our users

Hobersal offers 2 years warranty, after sales service immediately, more than 70 years of furnaces and ovens technology, modular design (Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user)

Standards: metal sintering process

Heat treatment furnaces under inert atmosphere to avoid oxidations during the process.

Furnaces ideal for the aviation, automotive, sintering and heat treatment applications.

Vacuum and controlled atmosphere retort furnace Hobersal 15PR550V Custom