Vertical and horizontal split industrial tube furnace

Hobersal had a meeting with our distributors in Sweden and their customer where we were asked about a split tubular furnace that could work horizontally and vertically to study the behaviour of steel beams. The purpose was to study the structural deformities that a fire could cause in the structures of the buildings.

After long internal meetings with the Hobersal engineering team, Hobersal developed a furnace that could meet the requirements of our customers.

Hobersal developed the TR15XL furnace, a split tube furnace for vertical and horizontal use, capable of temperatures up to 1150°C, with a maximum diameter of 450mm and a heating zone of 1150mm.

The furnace control is mounted in an independent box controlled by a Eurotherm EPC programmer which allows temperature records to be made and files to be downloaded in CSV (Excel). It also has an OTP (Over Temperature protection) to prevent temperature X being exceeded in the event of human error.

After several tests at the Hobersal test centre, we found that the furnace meets 100% of Hobersal’s and the customer’s requirements.

Hobersal has offered the client a turnkey project prepared to meet the client’s expectations and to carry out a good study of the structures of the buildings in the fires.

Once again, Hobersal would not be possible without the reliability of our users

Hobersal offers 2 years warranty, after sales service immediately, more than 70 years of furnaces and ovens technology, modular design (Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user)