Which process can we realize with Hobersal’s furnaces and ovens?

Hobersal, furnaces and ovens manufactures from Barcelona, Spain since 1946

From 30ºC to 2.000ºC and from 1L to 2.000litres

Hobersal has a wide range of products and we have more than 70 years of heating technology and thermal process experience.

Process we can realize with our Hobersal range of muffle furnaces, ovens and tube furnaces:

_ Tempering

_ Carburizing

_ Ageing

_ Annealing

_ Hardening

_ Nitriding

_ Brazing under inert gas,

_ Tempering,

_ Drying

Many metals require heat treatment under protective or reaction gases or in vacuum. The heat treatment of aluminum, drying or preheating processes are usually processes that take place in air.

What Hobersal’s offer:

_ Technical service

_ Calibration certificates

_ Maintenance contracts

_ Technical support

Hobersal offers 2 years warranty, after sales service immediately, more than 70 years of furnaces and ovens technology, modular design (Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user)

PR V Vacuum Chamber Furnace

15PR400V Vacuum and controlled atmosphere chamber furnace
Tube Furnace ST series + Automatic flowmeter box
Muffle furnace up to 1200ºC
High Temperature Chamber Furnace up to 1600ºC
Hobersal high temperature tube furnace
High temperature tube furnace, 3 heated zones and turbo pump up to x10-6
Industrial Chamber Furnace Hobersal CRN Series
High temperature chamber furnace (Industrial furnace)