Accessories and spare parts

Flowmeter box (Automatic)

Flowmeter box (Manual)



Manual flow meter box Hobersal

Vacuum pump up to 3x10-2



Hobersal - Vacuum kit x10-2



Vacuum pump + Turbo station up to 3x10-5


Hobersal - Vacuum kit x10-5

Hermetic end seals / Vacuum Flanges up to x10-5


Hobersal vacuum flanges / end seals

All kind of crucibles

Hobersal Crucibles

Heat resistant gloves up to 900ºC

Hobersal heat resistent gloves 900ºC

After burners / Post Combustion Chambers

Thermocouples K, B, S, R, PTN...

Cooling table (heat treatment)

Crucible Tongs

Controllers / Programmers / Software...

Hobersal - Eurotherm EPC3016

Alumina ang high Alumina ceramic tubes

Hobersal - Alumina and high Alumina ceramic tubes




Over Temperature Protection (OTP)


Hobersal - Over temperature protection (OTP)



Crucible Stand


Hobersal - Crucible stand


Heating elements SiC, MoSi2, Wire (Kanthal)





Hobersal - Laboratory Balances



cooling systems (Air and N2 Cooling)

Hobersal furnace cooling system (Hatch)

Quartz Tubes


Hobersal quartz tubes





Forced extraction chimney

Forced extraction chimney - Hobersal

Cooling system (Air Forced)


Hobersal cooling system by forced air

Atmosphere retort, Annealing box

Annealing box

Gas inlet on rear

Gas inlet on rear for furnaces (Hobersal)

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