High temperature Industrial Oven Hobersal EHT-2

Hobersal has manufactured a high temperature industrial oven EHT2

Process: To clean disks used in the recycling process of the LLDPE plastic used for wrapping silage by pyrolisis in a inert atmosphere

Location: Sweden

Hobersal has offered the customer a «turnkey» project, supplying in addition to the oven, all the appropriate peripherals to maximize its use, controlled by Fuji programmer up to 64 steps, OTP protection against overtemperature, gas inlet on rear, forced air extraction with disconnection switch.

Prior to the construction of the industrial equipment, a set of tests were carried out in the Test Centre located in the Hobersal facilities.

In the complete report that was issued to the client with the information on the process, the operating parameters and the test results, it was possible to validate that the Hobersal EHT2 (High temperature industrial oven) was the ideal equipment for their interests.

Once again, Hobersal would not be possible without the reliability of our users

Hobersal offers 2 years warranty, after sales service immediately, more than 70 years of furnaces and ovens technology, modular design (Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user)

Heat treatment furnaces under inert atmosphere to avoid oxidations during the process

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