Hobersal (High Temperature chamber furnaces)


Hobersal, furnaces and ovens manufacturers from Barcelona, Spain since 1946.

When we talk about high temperature muffle /Chamber furnaces, Hobersal have a wide range of models, sizes and custom designs

75th Anniversary

 _ High temperature muffle furnace

_ High temperature chamber furnace

When we talk about high temperature furnaces means temperatures from 1400ºC in continuous up to 1950ºC

Chamber sizes from 1 liter to 1000 liters

Insulation material is Ceramic fiber (European Brands)

Heating elements SiC (Silicon Carbide) MoSi2 (Molybdenum Disilicide) always from Kanthal Sic, SuperKanthal1800 and SuperKanthal 1900

Fast Heating, homogeneity, sturdy and let work 24/7



_ JM from1L to 36L up to 1600ºC Heating elements: SiC

_ XG from1L to 30L up to 1900ºC Heating elements: MoSi2

_ CRN (Large Sizes) from 42L to 1000L up to 1900ºC Heating elements: SiC and MoSi2

_HOB (Bottom Loading furnace) up to 1900ºC

JM, XG and CRN let work under controlled atmosphere (Inert Atmosphere) to avoid Oxidation (o2) during the process


_ Laboratory

_ Industry

_ Aerospace

_ Research

_ Automotive

_ Advanced Ceramic

_ Metal and Ceramic sintering (3D Solutions – 3D Prints)

What we offer:

  • Technical service
  • Calibration certificates
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Technical support
  • 75 years of experience
  • Custom designs
  • Manufactured in Barcelona
  • 2 Years warranty


Muffle furnaces up to 1900ºc
high temperature chamber (Sintering)
High temperature Muffle /Chamber furnace up to 1900ºC (Hobersal CRN Series)
Metal and Ceramic Sintering and Debinding Furnace Hobersal JM Series
JM Series Chamber furnace up to 1600ºC (SiC)
Metal and Ceramic Sintering and Debinding Furnace Hobersal XG Series
XG Series High temperature muffle furnace up to 1900ºC
HOB SERIES Bottom Loading Furnace
HOB Series High temperature bottom loading Furnace