Hobersal (Laboratory Applications)


Hobersal, furnaces and ovens manufacturers from Barcelona, Spain since 1946.

When we talk about laboratory equipment (furnaces and ovens), Hobersal have a wide range of products and we can offer:



_Muffle /chamber furnaces up to 1300ºC (Ashing, tempering, annealing…

_High temperature muffle / Chamber furnaces up to 1600ºC – 1650ºC-1800ºC and 1900ºC (Sintering, melting)

_Universal tube furnaces up to1300ºC

_High temperature tube furnaces  up to 1600ºC, 1800ºC and 1900ºC

_All the tube furnaces have accessories like: end seals (Vacuum Flanges), ceramic, inconel, quartz tube, vacuum pump, flow meter box…

_Laboratory ovens up to 300ºC from 20 litres to 420litres and high temperature ovens up to 500ºC

_Bottom loading furnace from 1200ºC to 1900ºC (Thermal shock) let work in air, controlled atmosphere or vacuum.

_Vacuum furnaces (Chamber / Muffle furnace) up to 1200ºC let work under controlled atmosphere and vacuum

_Determination of combustion loss (TGA – LOI Furnaces) Thermogravimetric furnaces (Loss of Ignition)

_All kind of accessories and furnace spare parts

Other Applications:

_ Laboratory

_ Industry

_ Research

_ Aerospace

_ Automotive

_ Ceramic and metal sintering (3D printings)

_ Dental

_ Heat Treatment


_ Arts & Crafts

_ Incinerators

Hobersal offers 2 years warranty, after sales service immediately, more than 70 years of furnaces and ovens technology, modular design (Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user)


Divisions / applications
Muffle /Chamber furnace up to 1300ºC (Hobersal MF Series)
high temperature chamber (Sintering)
High temperature Muffle /Chamber furnace up to 1900ºC (Hobersal CRN Series)
15PR500V Vacuum anc controlled atmosphere chamber furnace
Vacuum and controlled atmopshere chamber furnace (Hobersal PR-V Series)
Universal Tube furnace + Vaccum flanges (end seals) + quartz tube + flowmeter Box
ST1008080SP3Z-HOBERSAL 3 heated zones split tube furnace
ST16150100 Hobersal high temperature tube furnace (3 independent heated zones) tube furnace
ST16150100 Hobersal high temperature tube furnace (3 independent heated zones) + Turbo pump x10-6 + Alumina tube + End seals (vacuum flanges) refrigerated by water