Industrial furnace Hobersal HCV216/12 installed

Hobersal has installed the industrial furnace model HCV216/12, with a capacity of 216 liters and a maximum temperature of 1,200°C, heated by 5 sides to get fast heating and the best homogeneity to an Innovation and Technology Centre highly specialized in materials and in advanced manufacturing technologies, especially joining technologies and laser technologies applied to materials processing, robotics and automation located in Spain

HCV is a sturdy furnace to work at high temperature during large periods.

The furnace is controlled by a Eurotherm EPC3016 P10 connected to itools Software.

The furnace is also equipped to work in inert atmospheres.

To accelerate the industrial processes the furnace has installed a fast-cooling equipment that activates a powerful air injector and a hatch in the upper part that are activated when the programmer wants to cool.

Main Specifications

he HCV range of chamber furnaces are very sturdy, high quality industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of small and large parts in oxidising atmosphere (air) or controlled atmosphere.

Furnaces made of high quality bricks and ceramic fibres with air chamber.

Heating elements on freely radiating support tubes in the furnace chamber allow particularly short heating times and a maximum temperature of 1400 °C from 3 to 5 heating zones for high homogeneity.

HCV furnaces comply with the highest market requirements and standards
Aerospace standard AMS2750E

Perfect brick-to-brick sealing, pantographic side openings, as options vertical pneumatic door openings

Furnace control on the side of the furnace to avoid problems with loading and unloading of workpieces.