Vacuum and controlled atmopshere muffle furnace Hobersal 15PR500V

Hobersal has designed and manufactured a vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace according to our customer’s requirements.
Model: Hobersal 15PR500V
Process: Sintering applications avoiding oxidation during the process
Location: Switzerland
A furnace able to work in vacuum, controlled atmosphere and air in the same process to avoid oxidations during the process.
Controlled by a Eurotherm EPC3004 and Itools softaware + Hobersal EV-7 equipment (Vacuum electro valves kit and software design capable of meeting these requirements and 100% automatic, intuitive software, Inconel chamber and door, hermetic seal refrigerated by water, OTP (Over temperature protection) vacuum switch, vacuum meter and Leybold Trivac Series vacuum equipment.

Why use a Hobersal vacuum furnaces and not other European manufacturers?

Hobersal has developed the PR-V furnaces (15PR500V)

Vacuum and controlled atmosphere muffle furnaces to get the best results for vacuum soldering and brazing, vacuum annealing, sintering etc. In general, a vacuum furnace is required for any type of heat treatment in a defined, mostly non-oxidising, atmosphere.

Compared to our European competitors, Hobersal’s vacuum muffle furnaces up to 1150ºC allow vacuum operation from room temperature up to 1150ºC.

Thanks to our engineering team, Hobersal has designed a retort that allows vacuum at high temperatures.

Hobersal has also developed the EV-7 system, a set of vacuum solenoid valves, software design and assembly, the vacuum muffle furnaces allow to make vacuum, introduce several gases, aerate and repeat the process in the same program.

Using Hobersal furnaces reduces your energy cost as well as the carbon footprint.